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February 18, 2011


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The beauty of of DRS system is that if it doesnt work out well (say during the first three races) the FIA can simply stop permitting its use and the season will continue as normal. If it does work well - great. My only concern is the concept of final lap passing for the lead.


My concerns as well, Rozza. I dislike anything artifical, but my only complaint is the limited are where it can be used. Open up the usage and I'd be ok with it.


If use was unrestricted then it might possibly be a benefit.
But with the current restrictions I can't see it making any real difference.
But at time when the emphasis is on reducing costs to introduce an element that requires many hours of wind testing to refine does not make much sense to me.
Especially if it proves to be a flop.
Added to which it seems to me to provide an "artificial" element to the race.

Mike B

Thank you sportsman, couldn't have said it better myself.

There's already a "rubbin-is-racin'" series and it is not F1. I wish they would take it back a notch on the whole "show" aspect!


Thanks Mike.Your comments are appreciated and I share your views.
I want to see real racing.Not artificially engineered overtaking.

CGS intake

The Drag Reduction System (DRS) is perhaps the most interesting of the new Technical Regulations imposed on Formula 1 in 2011. The drivers will be able to use the system without restriction during practice and qualifying. A dashboard light will notify the driver when the system is enabled. The system is deactivated when the driver releases the button or brakes.

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