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December 04, 2010


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The need to stay relevant is paramount. Personally I would prefer a blown V-8 (actually a return to the V-10's as a compromise between the V-8's and V-12's), but those days seem to have passed.

They key will be the chassis not the drive train. You can have the most efficient drive train available, but if the drivers cannot pass because of air turbulence, the F1 show will continue to struggle with the average fan. They have to come up with a way to cut through the turbulence when needed.


These proposals make perfect sense to me.F1 can and must react to global concerns regarding enviromental issues and the current changes in the market place.High fuel effeciency small turbo's with good peformance and meeting ever more stringent emission controls are the future.
Although the global economic crisis and lack of results lead to the exit of Toyota BMW and Honda from F1 they are actively pursuing a hybrid road car market and marketing themselves as enviromentally friendly manufacturers.Their participation in F1 actually produced negative publicity
in the showrooms.


Greg, if you look at the links that I included to the September blog you would see what I think will be the new aero rules: much smaller wings and a curved bottom to produce ground effects. Not those of the '80s with skirts and such, but more like the last Champ Car, the Panoz DP-01.

I think that is the way to go on the chassis regulations.


Oh great, they'll be 40% quieter.

I'm running out of reasons to see F1 live again.

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