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December 31, 2010


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This link is from JB. Thanks! It is the source for much of my post.


I too am very pleased to see construction get underway.
As most indications are that the race will be held in June sometime that would mean the FIA inspection three months before according to the rules would need to take place that gves them a theoretical completion date of 31st March.The FIA would almost certainly not enforce this ruling but they still have a 15 month construction time.The FIA inspection is for the track and pits and possibly the paddock areas only.
The grandstands and spectator facilties are not part of the FIA approval procedure so these play no part in the approval process.
I have no doubt at all that F1US can complete everything neccessary to receive FIA approvals.

3.4 On-site inspections will be performed by the Commission’s
delegates as necessary, with at least one preliminary inspection
and one fi nal inspection. For permanent circuits, the fi nal
inspection should be made not later than 60 days (or 90 days for
FIA Formula One World Championship events) before the fi rst
international event to be held, at which inspection all work relating
to the track surface, permanent features and safety installations
should be completed to the FIA’s satisfaction$FILE/Décembre%202010_Annexe%20O%202010_Modifications%20en%20cours%20d'année%202010%20en%20rouge%20.pdf


The time schedule is challenging but far from impossible.
I am quite sure that Texas has all of the constuction plant needed and an equally competent labour force to carry this out.
I am looking forward to following the progress of the project.

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