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October 18, 2010


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McLaren first impressions of the track surface:

The final paragraph was most interesting to me, as most have assumed this is another Red Bull walkover. I don't think so. I think a more balanced call will do better in Korea.

"If the track grip is poor then a higher downforce solution may work, but somebody who is a little bit braver may choose to take a lower downforce level, expecting the track grip to improve throughout the race, putting them in a strong position to overtake," he added. "There will definitely be some opportunities to take some slightly different routes, but we just need to gauge exactly what the conditions are and what opportunities there are and do the best thing."


"I think a more balanced call will do better in Korea."

Oops! Make that "a more balanced car".


When we speak of a "more balanced car" I think Ferrari. RBR is good at the high speed twisty bits, Macca is good at the high speed straights (although I don't think that is important regarding lap times), and Ferrari not noted for either. Renault? I have no idea but Jubica can always mix with the top three.

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