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September 21, 2010


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I must say that I would love to go there and see the race under the lights. I suspect that the circuit will favor Ferrari, RBR, and then Macca, in that order. Why those choices?

Having read your track facts, I'm guessing on the following outcomes:

I think Ferrai have now reached a reasonable balance and can offer a podium chance at every race. They may be the late season hard charger.

RBR? Good here and there but the new scrutineering tests have had an impact. They have needed to compromise, and they are in a high pressure situation, and that usually means freak ups.

Macca? They seem to figure the stuff out at this point in the season, so I think Lewis will be in the hunt at this circuit, but not leading.

Quali is the most important factor regarding final position.

Paul Murtagh

Quali is very important here as there is very few overtaking spots on the circuit. Like other street circuits, the circuit will gain grip over the weekend more than normal, so by the time of the race there should be good grip around the circuit

Next year the organisers are planning to alter the circuit by changing the final sequence of chicanes, possibly by removing one, and also removing the chicane at Turn 10. While I don't like circuit changes for driver comfort alone, if it improves the racing then I will be all for it

As for the championship battle this will be very interesting. They have came from two very fast circuits to a medium speed circuit, which they havent raced on since Germany. Ferrari dominated there and also dominated last time out in Italy - can they do it again in Singapore?

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