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September 17, 2010


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Electrical and Site Plan: "Rejected"?

Wonder why?


Wood, first, I must thank you for the city planning data, as you directed me to that resource. I am told that the electrical detailed plan is incomplete. The total site electrical requirements are complete, and that info is what the utility needs. But, the details are in a format that the city/county does not understand.

The current format is an electrical engineering format,and is technical and not in a format that the city/county understands.

I have seen the site calculations so I am comfortable that the math has been completed. The requirements are not considered to be a burden on the utility.

The site overall plan will not be approved until all of the engineering disiplines are complete, including the elec. plan. This is normal practice in my experience.

Steve Calvert

We have to be careful, the wackos here in Austin will take anything negative said about the track and run it up the flagpole.


Steve, thanks for the comment. I know what you mean. The way I tend to deal with ignorance is to approach it directly. I deal with the facts and explain things as I understand them. The third party observers usually can detect the difference between hyperbole and fact. Most people are not at the extremes. Most are really in the middle. I try to be factual and unemotional. But, I am realistic. I too share environmental concerns, but I know that a site can be designed and built that is greener than anything else in Travis County. There is more pollution in a single day in traffic tie-ups than in a hundred F1 races.

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