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August 19, 2010


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Then how come mclaren lack downforce and are always at the top of the speed traps?


That's my point Jake, I think they should crank the wing up higher and get more downforce in the turns. This would lower their top speed in the traps, but would improve cornering.

They have poor underbody downforce and their front wing is not as effective as RBR or Ferrari. They are trying to compensate for that with higher straightline speed, but it is not working.

The other teams have taken the Macca idea and have done what I have suggested in paragraph 1. The RBR really does not need the concept. They are quick enough without it.


Yeah makes sense. I'm not sure if the mclaren is capable of more downforce. I believe the redbulls and ferraris took their "f-duct" off for Hungary because it was better with out it. Hungary being a really high downforce track of course but I could be wrong though.


You are right about Hungary. The upcoming circuits are very different and are very fast. Macca needs to do well on them, but their advantage has been lost a bit as others have the duct now.

It will be interesting to see.


I don't think the mclaren has lost it's advantage. It's going to be strong at spa and so will the force India. :)


I would expect both teams to be stronger here than at other circuits. Macca need good results to close the gap to RBR. I am really looking forward to Spa, my favorite circuit, and I hope that the championship gets even closer. but it is very close now.


haha hey, i found this article, I guess the f-duct isnt completely misunderstood.. :)


That article agrees with my basic concept: run very high wing setting for the twisty bits, and then use the F-duct to reduce the drag on the straights due to the big wing angles that are necessary for the corners.

That was my point from day one. The duct mitigates the drag from the agressive wing setting necessary for the corners.

Top speed is not the point, but to allow normal straight speeds when running high downforce wings for the twisty bits.

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