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August 26, 2010


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This is great news.Full Throttles plan to submit in stages is exactly the right way to go.If needs be work can begin on the approved plans even before other plans are approved.
There is some risk in this approach surely but its the best way to tackle an aggressive construction schedule.Apart from Tilke the is also the expertise from Kooonst McCoombs construction which will be invaluable in this project.


Edit Koonst McCoombs.


Hey Flood1, Shonda Novak at the AAS ( ) is saying the plans indicate the course will be built in the eastern half of the property. Is she reading it wrong?

BTW, great photo! Where'd you get that, man?


The location I placed it on only has one loop on the western third of the property. They can build a little further northeast but are limited by the gas pipeline. About 80% of my location is in the eastern two-thirds of the property. If we relocated the western loop to go as close to the boundry line on the eastern side of the property, all of it would have been in the eastern two-thirds. So, she got it right, but she is just repeating the same thing everyone else is saying.

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