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July 05, 2010


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I'm not sure the average speed will drop because of the new twisty bit. They are followed by a new straight, and that extra straight may actually run the speeds up just a tad.

Paul Murtagh

There has been rumours that Silverstone could rival Monza as the fastest circuit on the calendar in terms of average speed (until the arrival of the Indian GP next season), but we shall wait and see.

The new complex does look straight forward but technical and I'm sure it won't take the drivers long to find the limits of the new section.


I think that tyre wear is going to be a major factor in this race.
Bridgestone have already stated the due to the very high cornering speeds tyres are going to be a factor.
Added to the fact that the teams have no historical data for this new layout which means that they will only have free practice to assess the right suspension and aero set up and monitor the effects on the tyres and lap speeds.

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