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July 03, 2010


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Interesting article.
I have no doubt that Pirelli will do their utmost to produce tyres that provide exciting racing, but as you point out they have no data to work from.
Pirelli are in F1, not for the money but to promote their tyres and marketing reasons.
The one thing that they cannot afford is any tyre failures or negative publicity.
So I agree that the tyres will initially anyway be conservative and hopefully as Pirelli's data increases they will fulfil their promise

Paul Murtagh

I agree with Sportsman a conservative approach will probably be adapted by Pirelli for possibly their first full season. Then from 2012 they may go more aggressive as they have previous data to work from.

What is also interesting is that from 2011 the GP2 cars will be running the exact same tyre specification as F1 for the first time, therefore giving Pirelli even more data across a race weekend than Bridgestone have been able to gather. It will be interesting to see what comes from that decision


I don't think that GP2 can provide much data useful to F1.
GP2 cars are heavier than F1 cars,and the races are much shorter.
Fuel loads are smaller so the tyre requirements are very different.


If what you say is true Sportsman, then that would mean that they intend to supply a tire to GP2 that is not suited to the car. If true, then GP2 must be pissed as it would mean that they are being used just to reduce the costs of producing two different types of tires. Cynical? perhaps.


I'm not sure that I fully understand what you are saying.
GP2 do not use itermediate tyres at all
Cut slicks are banned.So either the slick GP2 tyre performs better in circumstances in which F1 would use intermediates.Or GP2 wets are far more tolerant if they are being used in conditions which F1 would be using intermediates.


I haven't mentioned inters or wets at all. I saying that GP2 must be similar enough to F1 that the harder tires will work on either type of car, or else they would be screwing GP2 by forcing them to use it.

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