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July 25, 2010


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I like this idea as well.I firmly believe that this is the right decision and have advocated in the past that this is the route that F1 should have followed.

Recently due to waning interest in F1 for many reasons I have taken a much greater interest in Indycar, not least the great options offered by IZOD via their website.

I look forward to your post on the engine regulations, although I do have some idea of the options available.

Paul Murtagh

I like the future direction of IndyCar and it will bring back fans to the sport that left during the split. The new chassis design means that there is still some standardisation in the series, keeping costs down, but that the teams can become 'constructors' similar to F1 as they will be responsible for the design of their own wings.

I believe that the IRL has taken the right decision in going with Dallara. I am not clued up on the tyre and engine situation though with the IRL - have Firestone and Honda got long-term contracts with the IRL which ties in with this chassis deal, or are both their contracts also up for tender?


Wait until tomorrow.The engine specs are mind boggling.

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