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May 26, 2010


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Good job. Very informative. Grammar and spelling....yikes, but unimportant. It's content that counts. Good job.

john flood

Hey, thanks for the comment. We are engineers mostly, and we didn't score very well in grammar and spelling in University, but we got the math right! LoL.

One of us is in the USA, one of us is in the Northern Counties of Ireland, and one of us is Cornish, but calls Latvia home after living in Asia, Africa, and other places.

I would accept an offer from you or anyone else to edit our work. But, we barely get this written before deadline, so we do not even do a "peer to peer" edit.

Thanks f1aroo,



There are certainly some very thought promoting content.

I found the article on the Porsche with the Williams KERS system very interesting.
With the prospect of KERS returning to F1, added to the fact that the Williams system does not generate toxic batteries requiring disposal, there seems to be a lot potential in this system, not only in racing but also applications in road cars.

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