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April 28, 2010


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Paul Murtagh

It sounds like a very interesting concept, as you yet another pioneered by Colin Chapman, and if this was the case then I would fully support it being introduced to F1 in 2013. I'm sure the teams would be in favour of this rule as well


Only thing i heard was that turbo's were gonna be allowed again in 2013, not gas turbines. There is a clear difference.

Flood 1

Stefan, you mean turbocharge engines don't you? If I understand correctly they will be turbocharged internal combustian engines.

But, a company has suggested gas turbines may be an option, and I think that tender is what Sportsman was speaking of.

But, I don't have the details at hand. Sportsman? Any info?


Yes Stefan, I am very well aware of the difference between a turbocharged internal combustion reciprocal engine as oppossed to a turbine.

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