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January 25, 2010


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I must say that I am satisfied with this. The driver and team are on a journey that no one can predict, but I will support them in their efforts and I want to say hello to all our friends in Argentina and the whole of South America.



First.... Argentina has the prettiest president. Second....Pechito means "small bosum" or something close to that. How did he get that name???

This guy is going to be great! He has the reflexes of a cat and is fearless. He just didn't have the right circumstances the first time around. Look out. He is going to surprise. Hoping the car is robust.


Ms. Fernandez de Kirchner is quite lovely, I must agree. I don't know the meaning of "Pechito", perhaps his mother does!

I hope the team is adequete and he can do good drives.


f1aroo, I have changed the pic to one of Madame Presidente Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Jose Maria, and Mr. Windsor. This pic was taken at Casa Rosada (Government House)in Buenos Aires.

Tres Chic!


tanhks a lot for your comment Flood!!!

As Argentinian and pechito´s fan, I must say that I couldn´t be happier!!!

he deserves 100% this opportunity. He will show his great talent in F1 and I am very proud of that.

"pechito" is like: "Little chest" in English...
it happens that once his father, a businessman, had an argument with some people and said "you are all cold-chest guys!" (here 'cold-chest' refers to the lack of bravery of people in important moments, like -for example- those soccer players who get inhibited or scared in important matches) so, from there on Lopez Sr was Pecho, and his son, Pechito.

But pechito is quite brave,so don´t worry about his nickname ;)

Paul Murtagh

At long last the team has confirmed his signing and it should be a good partnership. They can learn the ropes together and hopefully in future years be a success together

Large Eddie

It's great to see this finally made official. I'm hoping for great things for Pechito and the team. I didn't follow GP2 during his time there, and it was illuminating to look at some of the old news articles on and see what sort of a driver he was. He went head-to-head with probably half of the '10 F1 grid and never came up short for pure speed. He might have been champion every year if it had been decided by test laps and qualifying alone, but in the races there was always an accident or a bungled start or a botched pitstop or something. He just wasn't able to cash in on his terrific pace on race day, and after a while the door had closed for him.

David Hobbs liked to point out during the SpeedTV GP2 broadcasts last year that drivers only get a few chances to show their stuff. If you haven't made it to F1 after three seasons, you're like the puppy in the pet store who isn't really a puppy any more.

But as with Jenson Button last year, I love to see someone who's been written off getting a new lease on life. I hope that his terrific results in his native touring car series show that he's picked up some racecraft skills to complement his speed. He seems like a very likable guy with a ton of experience who's had some chances to learn from life, and that could be really good for USF1.

Large Eddie

Oh, and yeah, she really is smokin' hot.


I feel the same way, Eddie (about Pechito and Madam Presidente!). One must look closely at a driver's history to really understand what's going on in his career.

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